After several delays, new Armstrong International Airport terminal opens

New Armstrong International Terminal opens after several delays

KENNER, La. (WVUE) - People know the opening date was pushed back several times and then a few weeks ago, the airport spokesperson announced the official opening of the new terminal Wednesday.

It may have started rough for some but travelers say they like what they see.

On I-10 it was slow going as drivers adjusted to the new way of life with the new Armstrong International Airport Terminal.

“It was a little bit crowded on the interstate about a half mile from the exit,” says Matt Lawson.

“I’m out here to see how badly it’s going to be screwed up. I’m flying out on Saturday and I’m doing a test run,” says Lisa Musso.

At the new terminal, Arthur Lewis and his wife are planning for a trip in December and don’t want to have to deal with any headaches, even from one another.

“Oh, the fussing. Yeah the fussing in the car. Go this way. No, it’s this way before we run into somebody. Just preparation. Just trying to narrow everything down,” says Lewis.

They think they have a grasp of the change, but will make another trip but now they’re enjoying what the new terminal has to offer.

“It’s really nice. They did a really good job. I really like it. Once you walk around, you can get a feel of everything,” says Diana Lewis.

The 927,000 square foot facility features several amenities and artwork.

“I’m impressed with the beautiful painting. The artwork that’s on display, which is really representative of New Orleans. New Orleans people. New Orleans heart and soul,” said Nadine Cornish.

As travelers wait for their flights to come in, they have plenty of local food options.

“This is the gateway to the city so we brought the best concepts here from the streets in here. So everyone can enjoy this. We have Emeril, The Munch Factory, Cure. Everything is amazing,” says Chef Jeff Steelman, Vice President of Culinary.

The first day came with some hiccups, the traffic and some in TSA had to wait a bit. But for the most part, travelers say, they’re enjoying what the terminal has to offer.

Kenner Police say they are monitoring the traffic patterns and are coordinating with DOTD to develop light synchronization to help alleviate the Loyola Drive off ramp backups. If need be, they say they’ll direct Kenner officers to the area to begin directing traffic. So far, they say that hasn’t been necessary, something that could change as we head into a busy holiday season.

Wednesday night, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation, Dr. Shawn Wilson, tweeted that some traffic adjustments were made following today’s opening of the new terminal. Wilson says the timing of the traffic lights have been adjusted and a double right has been added from Loyola Drive to I-10.

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