Ride-sharing, cab drivers and passengers face challenges at airport

Airport Traffic Problems Revealed

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - After a successful launch of the new terminal at Armstrong Airport on Wednesday, some people are still concerned about transportation.

Specifically, a lot of passengers had trouble catching a cab or ride-sharing car.

Some passengers said the lines to get a ride out of the airport lasted up to an hour, despite an armada of taxis, Lyfts, and Ubers.

Cab drivers who were at the airport during the peak hours of opening day said there is a learning curve to getting in and out of the airport, and the queue.

“When you get the passenger there was no problem whatsoever. But when you exit the airport you kind of feel the pressure because there’s a bunch of customers going back and forth, travelers, so that’s where we get the problems,” cab driver Fred Exantus said. “It’s the new airport, everyone is trying to fit themselves in, so as we move forward, I think it’s going to get better.”

Louisiana DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson said crews are changing the timing to some of the traffic lights and have also added a double right turn from Loyola Ave to I-10.

Some ride-sharing and cab drivers say they were held up in traffic for 20-to-30 minutes trying to get in to the airport and some came on opening day to test the waters.

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