Baggage issues continue at new Armstrong International terminal

Baggage issues continue at new Armstrong International terminal

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The frustration grows for travelers arriving and leaving from the new Armstrong International Airport terminal.

Friday afternoon, the conveyor belt at the Southwest ticket counter stopped working.

Crews were loading up bags on dollies and taking them outside to the curb ticket counter until it stopped working.

The growing pains of dealing with the new terminal continues.

Lines at the TSA checkpoints stretch out as travelers try to catch their flights.

“There are no short lines anywhere,” says one traveler.

At baggage claim, dozens of travelers anxiously wait to try and pick up their luggage after waiting a half an hour.

“We were first sent over to luggage aisle which is where they told us all to go,” says Jen Rowe. “That one was broken and it doesn’t even move then they sent us to luggage six.”

Carousel three shut down for several hours due to technical issues.

“Flying from Portland, Maine to Atlanta to MSY. Everything has been on time thus far until this fiasco. It’s just new airport teething problems I assume,” says Doug Allen.

Allen was able to find his two bags. But other travelers weren’t as lucky.

“I’m freezing right now. All of my cold weather coats in that bag. I just have a windbreaker and pants on and I’m freezing. It’s like 25 degrees up here,” says Tony Anderson.

Anderson took a flight out of Armstrong International to New York. He says when his flight landed in Laguardia Airport, only four bags made it.

“We had to go to the baggage claim area. We had to wait in line for almost two hours and get a number and our name and describe what our bag looks like and everything,” says Anderson.

With nothing but a light windbreaker, Anderson says he’s forced to buy new coats.

“I’m hoping we get reimbursed because I already bought big coats and hoodies to come out here.”

In a written statement, an airport spokesperson says they did experience unnamed issues with the outbound baggage system.

“To be stuck without luggage in an away time is a tough proposition. I sure hope the airlines are doing something about it. Or the terminal facility is getting luggage to those people because that’s a nightmare,” says Allen.

A nightmare, Anderson says, he wants to wake up from.

“To me, it was kind of like smooth sailing but then it wasn’t,” says Anderson.

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