Passengers deal with long waits for cabs, ride sharing services at new terminal

Passengers deal with long waits for cabs, ride sharing services at new terminal

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Some travelers say they’re furious because it’s taking way too long to get a taxi or ride sharing car at the new airport.

Ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft along with taxis are all in the same holding lot. From there, they all drive to the arrivals section looking up to pick up passengers.

It is supposed to be a quick process, but some travelers waited longer than expected.

It was chaos at the Lyft “Fast Match” location on the ground floor of the new airport terminal.

“This sucks,” says traveler Missy McGinley.

“I hope this process moves a little quicker,” says Lyft driver Jerry Ott.

Missy McGinley is in town from Pennsylvania for a cruise. Her day started rough when her flight was delayed three hours. Then she waited. Then the waiting continued.

“Then we get here and then it took us a half hour to get our stuff and then we come out here and we have been waiting in the Lyft line for an hour,” says McGinley.

The new ride sharing system at the airport no longer allows drivers to pick their passengers.

“I figured once we ordered it on the app, that way we would get our own personal one but no you just get whoever comes first,” says McGinley.

“I guess the client will come up to give me a code and we will see from there how that works,” says Ott.

At the Lyft “Fast Match”, dozens of people were waiting to be paired with a driver. At some point, people stopped waiting and got into the nearest vehicle skipping those ahead.

“The airport is fine, but here we are trying to pick up clients and it seems to be going slow. But it says ‘Fast Match’ so I don’t understand,” says Ott.

Ride sharing drivers aren’t the only ones that are frustrated.

Cab driver Edna Lenor says she waited three hours in the holding lot before she could finally get to try and get a fare. Then she had to wait.

“I think it’s going to be awful. Sugar Bowl. Mardi Gras. Jazz Fest. I don’t think this is going to work at all. I don’t know,” says Lenor.

This is the first time she’s trying the system out so she trails behind another cab driver.

“We don’t know which way to go. Where to go. Nothing. I don’t think they planned well for taxis at all.”

From the holding lot to the only cab lane, it took Lenor 15 minutes to get a fare.

“It’s just not working out.”

Missy McGinley knows the waiting will end and traveling to the new airport will get easier.

“I’m a little irritated but once we get into a Lyft, once we get back to the French Quarter, once I get on my ship tomorrow, I will be OK. But right now, I want to kill somebody,” says McGinley.

Some ride sharing drivers we spoke to say they are a bit concerned that they will no longer be able to pick their own passengers.

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