Rivalry Weekend: LSU & Saints Forecast

Perfect weather expected for all of your football activities this weekend.

Rivalry Weekend: LSU & Saints Forecast
Saints Forecast (Source: WVUE)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - It’s rivalry weekend with the Saints hosting the Falcons on Sunday in New Orleans and of course the big LSU, Alabama game in Tuscaloosa on Saturday.

The weather for this weekend will be just about perfect with chilly morning temperatures giving way to pleasant afternoons. If you are heading out early to tailgate in Tuscaloosa or heading into Champions Square on Sunday, grab the jacket as temperatures will be climbing through the 40s in the late morning hours.

Come kickoff for both the LSU game and Falcons vs. Saints, temperatures will be peaking for the day in the 60s. An abundance of sunshine both Saturday and Sunday will make for a wonderful feel in the sun.

LSU Forecast
LSU Forecast (Source: WVUE)

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