LSU fans go wild after thrilling win against Alabama

LSU fans go wild after thrilling win against Alabama

TUSCALOOSA, Al. (WVUE) - It didn’t seem to matter the game was in Tuscaloosa. We found LSU and Alabama fans from across the south enjoying the SEC rivalry in New Orleans.

“I knew this was going to be the game,” says one fan, “This was going to be the game to the bitter end.”

And it was. A total of 87 points scored in the rivalry game LSU hasn’t won in nearly a decade.

“Here’s what I expected. I expected to go into Alabama’s house and I expected to beat them. And that’s exactly what happened.”

But purple and gold, crimson or white, fans of LSU and Alabama started the day thinking their team would come out on top. The Tigers’ eight-year losing streak exacerbating their division rivalry.

“Still the same tenseness of ‘We haven’t won in a while.’ So it this finally going to happen?”

Yet, as the game neared halftime, the fans were more confident.

It did get better for Bama but it didn’t end that way.

“Saban, great coach while he was here but you go to be better than that and the Tigers were so,” says Adam Klein.

Though Bama threatened to come back throughout the second half, LSU won by five points.

“It was our time.”

That’s where even Alabama fans agree.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this on TV but, I do hope that for Louisiana. It’s been eight years,” says Anne Kenny.

“LSU deserves it.”

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