Updated freeze outlook for Wednesday morning

Tuesday Night Forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A hard freeze is expected for north of the lake, South Mississippi and areas west of Lake Pontchartrain in and around St. James Parish. Pipe precautions are needed in these areas. Metro New Orleans will likely stay just above freezing or possibly touch 32 for a brief time. While pipes won’t be an issue, adequate and safe heat will be needed for people and pets. Plants, especially tropicals, should be given shelter or protection.

A freeze is not expected on Thursday morning as temperatures will be much warmer. Rain is likely to move into the area on Thursday as a weak low moves across the Gulf of Mexico. Behind the low more cold and dry air will move in for the weekend. Temperatures will stay below normal into the early part of next week.

Some light freezes are possible north of the lake this weekend but hard freezes are not expected.

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