FFF: Saints fans R-E-L-A-X

FFF: Saints fans R-E-L-A-X
Taysom Hill has developed into one of Drew Brees's favorite weapons.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - In this edition of FFF we say it’s time to move on from the Falcons disaster, an English soccer coach takes his love of fans to a new level, and a breakdown of restaurant, Justine.


Yes, the Saints lost to the Falcons was absolutely gross, but in the wide scope of things it’s just one game. If this was college football, it would be devastating. But it’s not, we’re dealing with pros here.

The Saints dropped three games IN A ROW to end the 2009 regular season. We all know how that turned out.

They’re still right there with the Niners, Packers, and Seahawks for the 1-seed. Trust me, none of those teams scare Sean Payton and his squad.

They can wash all those bad feelings away from last Sunday, by going out and beating the Bucs this Sunday. That’s the plan according to Drew Brees.

“We were extremely disappointed in our performance. I think we know we’re a lot better than that and understand that. Especially at this point in the season. This is a time when we really want to start separating ourselves from the pack in a positive way, and continuing to position ourselves to achieve the goals that we have set for this team,” said Drew Brees.

We understand that every game you got to show up, and you have to play your best. What comes with that is great attention to detail, great execution, great focus and intensity. Unfortunately our execution just was not up to standard across the board. That needs to get cleaned up, and it will get cleaned up, and as a result, we play a lot better.”


Coaches, players, and fans have a unique relationship. They play their hearts out on the field, and the fans scream their hearts out in the stands. Those screams, in the Saints case, usually result in a victory.

Manchester City (English Premier League) coach Pep Guardiola took his love of the fans to a new level. City played a match that was a 4,000-mile round trip for the supporters. 114 brave fans made the daunting journey.

Guardiola penned a letter to those super-fans, and they will now be welcomed back at a home game. The power of sport is like no other.


Chef Justin Devillier has winner on his hands in restaurant, Justine. The atmosphere is cool and hip, and the French fare is next level.

The duck confit and Moroccan spiced short rib were excellent.

It was a Wednesday when I went, but the energy was no doubt there. They had a DJ in the bar area, and the music was a perfect level, not to disturb the conversation.

I would highly recommend trying Justine, and bring a crew, it’s a fun group spot.

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