Overtime Podcast #109 - Saints endure to beat Panthers

Overtime Podcast #109 - Saints endure to beat Panthers
The Saints improve to 9-2 with a 34-31 win over Carolina (Source: Tim Eddington)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Saints endure a Panthers comeback fueled by penalties and pass interference reviews to improve to 9-2 and put the NFC South just one Thanksgiving night win over the Falcons away from belonging to New Orleans for the third straight season. Michael Thomas proves once again to be un-guardable while Jared Cook puts up a season-high 99 yards and the defense delivers when called upon.

Sean Fazende on the Saints doing enough to get a 34-31 win:

“Good luck follows good teams. Did they deserve to win? I thought there was a part of this game where they should have been up three touchdowns so it was on them for letting Carolina hang around and credit to Carolina, they kept taking advantage of the gifts that the Saints were giving them. The Saints needed a 2-minute drill to win the game but the point is, with the game on the line, needing a victory, Drew Brees delivered.”

Chris Hagan on Carolina being able to maintain a steady offensive approach:

“Despite the Saints having some two-score cushions at times, the Panthers were still able to get the ball to McCaffrey quite a bit, running the ball, on the short passes. They were never forced to really go vertical and get Kyle Allen in these long dropbacks and times where you could tee off on him like the 49ers did.”

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