Overtime Podcast #111 - Triple Coverage, Week 13

Overtime Podcast #111 - Triple Coverage, Week 13

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Saints and LSU both have vengeance on their minds for similar reasons while Tulane is hoping to finish the regular season strong. Meanwhile, Nicholls and Southeastern are set to host playoff games and the high school postseason is is narrowing the field.

Sean Fazende on the Saints’ eager attitude to avenge their Week 10 loss to the Falcons:

“Inside that locker room, they knew pretty much immediately following that Atlanta loss that they were snoozing. They were on cruise control and, you know what, they got what they deserved at that point. They knew that to a man and now, they know that that will never happen again within this locker room. If they get beat again, they will get beat by a team that out-executes them. The effort won’t be a problem. They know they got caught."

Chris Hagan on the potential for LSU’s defense to prove the Tigers are worthy of being ranked #1 in the CFP:

“I’ve got to see it. The pieces have always been there. Eleven games in, they are what they are. They haven’t changed my mind. They haven’t come close to changing my mind. Ole Miss was a good chance to change minds but it got worse.”

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