Porch Pirates are out this holiday season

Porch Pirates are out this holiday season

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - It’s a crime that can happen within seconds.

“It’s a crime of opportunity. Somebody went by, and saw that it was here,” says Lynn Pyke.

Porch Pirates are out.

The NOPD’s looking for a man who walked onto a porch in the 2200 block of Octavia Street, took the package and rode off on his bicycle toward Lasalle.

Lynn Pyke says his wife was expecting a package, but when it didn’t arrive she started to investigate.

“So, she looked at the video and said, it got delivered when they said it was delivered and the guy came within the hour and picked it up,” says Pyke.

Pyke says he and his wife are taking precautions moving forward this holiday season.

“I think in the future, we have several alternatives to go to a private mailbox that it’s always secure of some sort,” says Pyke.

For Harahan residents, the police department there is taking a proactive step this holiday.

“We have extra police units, both marked and unmarked units patrolling the neighborhoods. Marked units will have their blue lights on, so we can let people know the police are coming and we can basically scare the criminals out,” says Walker.

It’s called porch pirate patrols.

“They’ll just drive through the neighborhoods, but if they see a police presence they’ll go where the pickings will be easier and it’s not going to be where there’s police presence,” says Walker.

Police Chief Tim Walker says it’s about deterring the criminals, but everyone must remain vigilant during this time of year.

“We tell people if you see something, say something,” says Walker.

Chief Walker has a message for the criminals.

“It’s very easy, stay out of Harahan,” says Walker.

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