Businesses and fans carve feasts around Saintsgiving

Businesses and Saints fans get ready for Thanksgiving rematch against Falcons

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Businesses and fans alike are getting ready for the Saints rematch against the Falcons Thursday.

Many are adjusting their Thanksgiving plans around the game.

“I’m gonna watch the game. They don’t have to eat, they can do whatever they want but I’m watching the game. I’m a Who Dat, go Drew Brees,” Monique Johnson said.

Saints fans running errands for Thanksgiving said the game, rather than the turkey, will be their main course.

“Everything revolves around sports and halftime and sometimes when a couple of weeks ago when they lost we ate early because everyone’s like, ‘I don’t want to see the last quarter’ so we ate early," Vita DiMaggin said.

Some said they plan on having their feast later than usual, so they'll finish right before the game.

“Rather than have a 1:00 p.m. dinner, we’re gonna have around 4:00 p.m., and then we’re gonna visit, we’re gonna eat, and then we’re gonna clean up, and then we’re gonna go out back, light a fire and watch the game outside,” Pam Lofton said.

Some sports bars that will be open for Thanksgiving stocked up on alcohol in anticipation of large crowds.

"As far as our food and our alcohol, we make sure that everything is completely stocked," said Nicole Mayorga, Walk-On's Marketing Manager, "all of our managers tonight are going to be preparing for tomorrow afternoon."

Some said they're ready for revenge against the Falcons.

“It’s always a big draw for us to watch the Saints and the Falcons, but knowing that the Saints can clench the division so early, and for the third year, for the first time to be three years in a row, we’re excited about that,” Allison Lofton said.

Other restaurants said they're expecting big crowds.

"With it not being a home game, people aren't going to the dome, so they need someplace to come watch the game. So probably a little busier this year than last year," Preston Titus, Manning's bar manager said.

Whether fans are celebrating at a restaurant or from home, everyones eyes will be glued to the TV.

“My family gets up real early and start cooking so we can eat early, and then sit down and enjoy the game after.” Lourdes Johnsons said.

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