Deuce McAllister confident Saints will be motivated for Thanksgiving night vs Falcons

Deuce McAllister confident Saints will be motivated for Thanksgiving night vs Falcons
Saints host Falcons Nov. 10, 2019 (Source: Mark Lagrange)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Saints have lots to gain on Thanksgiving night against the Falcons. A win would avenge their embarrassing loss 18 days earlier, clinch the NFC South at the earliest point in franchise history, and secure the eighth 10-win season of Sean Payton’s tenure in New Orleans.

In the division’s short history, the Saints and Panthers are tied for the most crowns with five apiece but a 2019 banner would not only put New Orleans ahead, it would cap off a dominant run “You are putting yourselves in position for the first time in franchise history to go back-to-back-to-back and be able to win a division," Saints analyst Deuce McAllister says. "But I can tell ya - if you talk to any of those guys and they’re successful Thursday - they’ll tell ya ‘We’re division champs but that’s not what we want.’ For us, we can talk and brag and scream and yell about it but you love the position you’re in, you would qualify for the playoffs with a win on Thursday. I think that’s enough motivation in itself but I think a little icing on top of that cake is that this is a divisional rival, a team that beat you handily a couple weeks ago. There’s no question that they’ll be up and ready to play, you don’t have to worry about this team coming out flat again.”

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Atlanta continued their winning ways after their 26-9 win in the Superdome on November 10th by trouncing the Panthers on the road before coming back down to earth last week at home against the Buccaneers “I don’t know if they like playing home. I think they like the mentality of being on the road and going in and having some success at someone else’s home. It was surprising, I did not have the Bucs winning that game. I thought Atlanta had kind of turned itself around as far as their season was concerned so outside of a rivalry, I don’t know how much they have to play for.”

FOX 8 Live Tailgate will preview the game at 6 p.m. Kickoff is set for 7:20 PM in Atlanta.

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