Mother fears more responsible for son’s shooting death on SUNO campus

Mother fears more responsible for son’s shooting death on SUNO campus

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Playing mellophone for the Talladega College Marching Band, Shante Scott says her son Jace was well on his way to be a band director.

“Very lovable, sweet, smart, outgoing, he's not afraid of nothing,” said Scott.

That is until he was shot and killed on a college campus he didn't attend. Scott fears her son's death wasn't an accident.

“For those so-called friends to do that to Jace it’s hurting me because I thought those kids were my kids too,” said Scott.

According to police, the accused shooter, Andrew Gant and Jace Scott were at the SUNO Business Incubator Sunday after midnight. In court documents, Gant told police he and Scott were playfighting, pointing their guns at each other when he got scared and shot Scott.

Shante said her son would not have been playing around with guns.

“Jace had no gun because if Andrew was scared, he wouldn't have come pick my child up from home,” said Scott.

She says that night, she saw her son leave in a car with Gant, presumably to take part in some kind of music recording session.

“My son rolled down the window, I’m like there he goes,” she said.

She didn't know of anything else that happened until an early morning phone call from the Talladega band director.

“I’m still trying to get answers. No one called me, no one notified me of my sons death,” she said.

“Do I know where Jace is? I said Jace is at the studio. ‘I think you need to get by Jace because Jace has been shot’,” she said.

Scott says she's not angry with Gant, the accused shooter, but she says she knew who her son was hanging out with that night and wants the person or people involved to be held responsible.

“I need answers for my child because Jace was an awesome kid don't get me wrong all children grow up and bump their heads,” she said.

Holding her son's mellophone high above her head, a jazz band marched down the street in memory of her son as his closest friends and family released balloons promising they'll fight for justice.

Gant faces negligent homicide and obstruction of justice charges and was released on bond.

NOPD says the shooting is still under investigation.

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