New Armstrong Int. Airport terminal put to the test on the busiest travel day of the year

New Armstrong Int. Airport terminal put to the test on the busiest travel day of the year

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Armstrong International Airport’s new terminal is being put to the test in one of the busiest travel days of the year.

With millions expected to pass through the airport, officials say they’re prepared.

“We’re ready to roll. Ready for fun. Except I can’t get a car,” says Evan Locklin.

Locklin and his friends have been waiting a half an hour for an Uber.

“Excessive. I travel a lot and usually it’s 10 minutes max.”

Heavy congestion at Armstrong International Airport stalled ride shares, friends, and relatives driving to pick up their passengers.

“It’s talking like 45 minutes to get from outside the airport to get in the airport. So, it’s a little rough but you got a wait,” says Garfield Clemendore.

But there wasn’t much waiting going on in other parts of the airport.

“The lines are short. I got here probably three hours early because I was nervous about it but it seem like it’s going well,” says Alexis Roig.

Roig heads towards security after checking in their bags in less than a minute.

“I knew that it’s been crazy but it’s been flawless.”

Passengers we spoke to agreed whatever issues caused long queues when the terminal first opened, were resolved.

TSA security screening lines were up to four rows deep but moved quickly with an approximate wait time of just over 10 minutes during one of the airport’s busier hours Wednesday evening.

“That line is not long at all.”

Back at arrivals, many who checked luggage say their bags were already waiting.

“I came to grab my bags and that’s it,” says one traveler.

“It was really nice. I was very happy. I am from Philadelphia. It’s a mess up there compared to here,” says Scott Sine. “I’m used to paying, so this is nice not to have pain.”

Overall, travelers we spoke to say it was easy to navigate the new terminal quickly. And though he’s ready to get on the road, Locklin says he’ll leave impressed.

While traffic on this busy day is to be expected, a deputy says a minor crash at the round about at the airport created even more congestion. After about an hour, a lot of it was cleared up.

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