New Orleans store owners urge residents to “shop local” this holiday season

New Orleans store owners urge residents to “shop local” this holiday season

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - As shoppers took part in Small Business Saturday deals jump started their day with a daily dose of caffeine, Kevin Pedeaux says his shop, Coast Roast Coffee and Tea on Magazine, is a two in one.

“We’re brand new. We’ve been open just a month now so we’re really pumped for Small Business Saturday to pump up people on the street to see our new coffee shop," said Pedeaux.

“Magazine is very cool. It’s interesting to see how it’s progressed over the years. We’re the geographical center here at the coffee shop here and I think you can walk the whole distance now all the way from the CBD all the way down to Audubon Park."

And while many locals know the importance of supporting small businesses, it also takes visitors who are willing to venture out into the city and away from the larger chains.

Both Eli Leiberman and Beth Lewis are visiting from Seattle and say they wanted to get a deeper feel for the city other than the traditional tourism hot spots.

“Oh we know coffee and that’s why when we walked by. This place has some good vibes coming out of it," said Leiberman.

“It’s super important, I think we’re especially conscious of it living in Seattle, kind of seeing like what Amazon is maybe doing to local businesses, and I try to be super mindful of just using them as little as possible and stay on places like magazine street and supporting these local businesses.”

“and it’s nice to support local families who are doing good work here,” said Lewis.

Bonnie Campbell-Fletcher and Lauren Delaney-George own and operate two shops next door to each other on Magazine and have also become friends in the process.

Campbell-Fletcher owns Shake Your Bon Bon, while Delaney-George owns El Delaney’s Imaginarium.

“Competing with the internet and the big box stores that can say ‘hey, come on in, 60% off!’, It’s hard to compete with that," said Campbell-Fletcher.

“I feel like Lauren and I have been talking about this time of year for like a year.”

According to the nationwide movement, Shop Small, backed by american express, 67 cents from every dollar spent at a locally owned business goes back into the community.

“Both Bonnie and my store, we both feature local artists. Bonnie has some great jewelry by a woman-owned jewelry making business, and I have paintings by a local female artist, so when you support our shops, you’re directly supporting these artists," said Delaney-George.

So when you’re out shopping this holiday season, these shop owners say it’s important to remember that they are your neighbors, who also practice what they preach.

“While it does certainly help the economy, it’s even better than that. It helps you. You get to talk to an expert in a certain field, whether it’s antiques, whether it’s coffee, and then you can meet that person and really find out more about that product that you’re buying," said Pedeaux.

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