Young entreprenuer shot and killed near Audubon Park laid to rest

Young entreprenuer shot and killed near Audubon Park laid to rest

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Friends and family gathered at New Home Ministries to honor the life of Devin Espadron who was shot and killed last week near Audubon Park.

As the New Orleans Police Department continues to investigate his death, relatives say he was a man who was on his way to greatness before his life was cut short.

Espadron was laid to rest Friday in front of friends and family. His life honored as a young entreprenuer who was taken too early and someone who in his short time on earth has accomplished more than many ever expected him to.

Speakers who knew Devin say he was known in the community as a man who had both pride and ambition and expected the most out of himself and pushed those around him to achieve greatness.

Espadron was the proud owner and co-founder of Element Beverage Company. A native New Orleanian and graduate of St. Augustine High School, his friends and siblings remembered his as a lover of horses, music, swimming, basketball and someone who was obsessed with success and had an incredible mind for business.

“So we gotta be strong and don’t let nobody defeat us or beat us. So you know that’s just what we did. He was my motivation and I was his motivation. If I was falling, he was calling. And if I felt like he was falling, I would call him and motivate him. Sometimes, it’s hard being a black man. But guess what. We gotta be strong.”

Representatives of Mayor Latoya Cantrell’s office also attended and spoke at the service.

Devin’s parents have stated that he was not a violent person and have no idea why someone whould want to kill him.

The NOPD is still investigating the murder as a possible robbery. So far no arrests have been made.

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