Family members want answers after four cousins are shot, two killed near Hardin Playground

Family members want answers after four cousins are shot, two killed near Hardin Playground

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Two people are dead and two others are in the hospital after a shooting Sunday afternoon in the Seventh Ward.

The New Orleans Police Department says investigators are still searching for a suspect or suspects and a motive.

Loved ones of the victims say all four were related and were spending time together just before the shooting in the 2000 block of North Dorgenois Street. Now, they’re looking to NOPD for justice to be served and they say they won’t settle for anything but the truth.

“I lost two loved ones and two in the hospital,” says one family member.

She didn’t want to be identified but she felt passionate about speaking out for her loved ones.

She says she rushed to the scene near North Dorgenois St. and Annette Street as soon as she learned four of her cousins were shot. Two were already dead.

“My other elderly cousin, he was just an older man who just loved to ride his scooter and mind his business.”

The victims’ cousin says the other three shot were in their thirties.

NOPD says it was close to 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon when officers responded to the shooting. They says they found four male victims shot.

NOPD has yet to confirm the identities or ages of the two victims killed. That will come with a coroner’s autopsy and family notification.

“To this right here, this is in God’s hands.”

The family says they have suffered loss before. Two years ago, not far from the scene, another one of her cousins was killed.

“We want justice. My cousin didn’t bother anybody. He didn’t mess with anybody.”

She says the four shot Sunday were family men who enjoyed spending time together, but she’s concerned as victims of gun violence, others might make assumptions.

“Every time someone loses a loved one it doesn’t have to gang related.”

The woman says she doesn’t know why her cousins were shot, but she wants NOPD to do a thorough investigation and find out.

“When people lose their loved ones to the streets, it’s drug related. It’s not drug related. We need justice.”

NOPD last reported investigators were still in the process of gathering evidence and information to determine who shot them and why.

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