Irish channel residents growing tired of being victims of car thefts, break-ins

Irish Channel Car Burglaries

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Residents in the Irish channel can almost trade stories about how often they’ve been the victim of car theft, burglary, or break-ins.

“Four times in a year and a half now yeah 4 times,” said one victim.

“This is the first time for me,” said another.

“We’ve probably had some sort of break in once a month once every other month,” said Justin Salerian.

According to NOPD crime statistics, in the past three days, they’ve responded to 35 calls across the city for car thefts or break-ins. They processed 10 reports on Monday alone.

Residents in the Irish channel say they’re aware of dozens more that have happened in their neighborhood alone. “It’s a tough one because the streets are dark at night.”

“It’s escalating and it just feels like a violation every time it happens.”

“I was pretty angry that’s $180 I used to repair the window I could be using for something else,” said another victim.

Some home security cameras showed how police spent part of the night looking for evidence of broken in cars after several calls of suspicious activity.

One victim's truck saw a broken window, and there was still a trace of fingerprint dusting from the police report.

“People get angry and sad because this is something we have to pay for,” he said.

Residents believe the suspects may be juveniles breaking into the cars looking for firearms as they say nothing of value is ever taken.

“They’ll take petty things in the car they’ll take our CD’s if you have a phone or anything in the car.”

“Apparently they have generic keys to go around neighborhoods from all the cops and told me and they will use the clicker and whatever lights come on that’s the car they’ll target,” said another victim.

Growing tired of being the victims of this kind of crime, many say they’re now prepared to do something about it.

“Potentially more patrol around, I don’t even know if that’s the answer,” said Meghan Salerian.

“I’d be willing to pay for a private security or some kind of police detail,” said another.

“I hope the cops come up with something to fix this because it’s tough to close your eyes at night knowing that everything will possibly be taken out of your vehicle the next day,” said another victim.

We reached out to NOPD about the reports and the investigation, but have yet to hear back.

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