Jefferson Parish to announce future plans for Clearview Mall

Jefferson Parish to announce future plans for Clearview Mall
(Source: Rob Masson)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish officials are set to announce future plans for Clearview Mall.

Parish leaders and management will release their new vision for the property.

The Clearview Mall has dealt with it’s fair share of struggles, most recently when Sears announced in 2018 it planned to close their doors in Metairie.

The Richards family, who owns the Clearview Center, reportedly reached a deal to acquire the Sears property for redevelopment.

Wednesday, Thomas Richards along with Parish leaders will announce a new concept for the Clearview Center and their visionary long-term plan.

Jefferson Parish Councilmember Jennifer Van Vranken and New Parish President-elect Cynthia Lee Sheng will present the plan along in front of the old Sears store.

Parish leaders have already made other moves to bring people to the area, most recently moving their annual carnival event Family Gras to Clearview last year and it’s a move some residents and vendors see as an improvement.

“It’s much better out here at Clearview Mall. We love it. It can fit more people and despite the weather, it’s a great crowd,” says resident Theresa Mendelson.

“When we were there it was so narrow and so cramped. People couldn’t move very well. They got in, they got stuck. Now everybody has a lot of flow so it’s easy in and easy out,” says vendor Mark Rito.

Leaders have already announced that the Family Gras celebration will take place right here again in 2020.

The future plans for the mall will be announced at 2 p.m.

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