Lakeview residents complain of more car break-ins, explore solutions

Lakeview car break concerns

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Lakeview residents are having to deal with a rash of car burglaries, that have caused some streets to be littered with glass.

Many are frustrated, and call for new solutions to deal with a recurring problem.

It is a chilling scene, and one captured on home video last night on General Haig.

This mother was just settling in with her family around 8 pm when they heard a noise and saw thieves breaking into the family SUV.

“We looked out the window, they broke the glass, grabbed something, and sped off,” said the homeowner.

A few minutes later, a half-block away, this former New Orleans resident, was visiting with family, when cars belonging to her niece, and her friend, had their windows broken out too and the glass chunks litter the street.

“It makes me feel vulnerable, and if that can happen, anything can happen,” another woman said.

This video was taken in Lakeview as well, early Tuesday morning, showing other suspects checking out a vehicle.

To say this type of crime is frustrating to Lakeview residents would be an understatement, and it has some calling for enhanced surveillance systems to try and crack down on this.

Many call for extra surveillance cameras, monitored in real-time.

“If you see somebody in the middle of the block, and send two officers to surround the block, then there’s no chase, it’s apprehension,” said Lakeview resident, and anti-crime activist Gino Ascani.

The thieves didn't get much, but glass repairs are costly, and victims feel violated.

" I was very annoyed, it took everything not to run out, but we thought about our's stuff," said one victim.

She instead, called the police and said it took them five and a half hours to respond.

She says she saw the two suspects, one in a hoodie and the other in a sweatshirt, pull away in a small black SUV. Many worry they will strike again.

“I moved away from New Orleans a year ago because of the crime, I was born and raised here and it breaks my heart,” said the woman whose niece’s car was broken into.

Lakeview neighbors told us half a don TOLD US OF A HALF DOZEN CAR BREAK-INS LAST NIGHT.

Fox 8 reached out to NOPD for an update on the crimes and the department says it welcomes input on the placement of camera.

A spokesman says NOPD has identified and arrested several individuals, many are repeat offenders. However, as for the resident concerns about the consent decree restricting police from chasing suspects, NOPD says it has no plants to change the current policy.

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