Canal Street shooting victim says potential shooters will “have to deal with God”

Canal Street shooting victim talks

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - It was supposed to be a time enjoying the Bayou Classic weekend with old friends.

“I went to New Orleans by myself that night my brother and met one of my old teammates from college out there,” said Johnta’ Hebert.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Johnta’ Hebert impressed as a running back for Prairie View A&M but says when it came to Bayou Classic weekend, he made it a point to come to New Orleans.

“It was a normal weekend for me it was just one bleak moment of the weekend,” he said.

That bleak moment when he took two bullets out of dozens fired into a crowd on Canal Street.

“I don’t understand either, I was walking then they started shooting. I got shot twice, and I don't know after that I was just trying to move around after I realized I got shot,” he said.

Hebert says he was walking towards Bourbon Street and was paying more attention to his phone when he heard the gunshots.

“It was like 1000 people out there 1000 different conversations going on… I got shot in the stomach and the arm, but I ain’t never lose consciousness or nothing like that,” he said.

After walking to get help, he says he called his brother who was in town as well, saying he was thankful to see him waking up from surgery. Doctors say he was lucky. Two bullets passed completely through his body nearly missed his kidney and GI tract.

“It was a blessing anything could've happened from the time I got shot to me going into surgery coming out of surgery anything could've went wrong,” he said.

NOPD has released few details about the investigation, saying they are "diligently working around the clock to identify those responsible.”

Mayor LaToya Cantrell says they hope to release more information in the coming days.

“I am very happy I would say about the level of intensity about the investigation,” she said.

For Hebert, he says he’s focusing on rest and recovery and still has no idea what happened prior to the shooting.

“It happened so fast I’m pretty sure I wouldn't know who it was,” he said.

But he says despite his injuries, he holds no ill will towards those who pulled the trigger.

“I don't think I have no words for them, they got a deal with it themselves, they have to deal with god, I'm alive, know what I’m saying I’m not tripping on them,” he said.

Neither Southern nor Grambling Universities had any comment tonight.

In a statement, Superintendent Shaun Ferguson says the city is still on track to break last year’s 40-plus-year low for homicides and continue a four-year trend of reductions in violent crime.

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