Who has the better tailgating fan base: LSU or Georgia?

Who has the better tailgating fan base: LSU or Georgia?
Who has the better tailgaters: LSU or Georgia?

ATLANTA (WAFB) - On Saturday, Dec. 7, the Tigers will be in the middle of their battle with the Bulldogs for the SEC Championship, but before that happens, WAFB has to know: Who has the best tailgate? And who has the best fan base?

Aside from the colors on the front of the RV, it can be tough to distinguish between the LSU and Georgia tailgaters. Are Georgia fans the best tailgaters? They cook so well, you might think they were from Louisiana, but there’s still something so intangible and special about a Tiger tailgate. You won’t find fans like this in many other places.

Michael Aura’s RV dons golden horns for a reason.

“The rodeo is in Vegas this week,” he said.

It has become a Game Day tradition, just like a drink or good food.

“This is what we do for fun down in the south,” Aura said.

And the tradition travels just as well.

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“Who would miss this when they put up 12-0 in Tiger Stadium? Had to go see 13-0,” said Aura.

But LSU fans are outnumbered in the RV lot, and it’ll probably be more of the same Saturday night inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. But you know the Tigers will be just as loud.

“We followed them through thick and thin, so we’re definitely going to be here for this one. It’s been eight years and we’re going to roll on this one too,” said Darwin Pittman, an LSU fan.

Pittman and his crew are sandwiched between Bulldogs. Aside from the confident speculation from their scarlet neighbors, when these two fan bases come together, it makes for a beautiful gumbo.

“Tell me why Georgia wins the game tomorrow?" WAFB’s Matt Houston asked one Georgia fan.

“Because they’re the better team and they have better fans,” Chris Raines replied.

Fans from both schools say tailgating is a way of life and they’d be happy to meet up again the same time in 2020.

“The booze has already started flowing, so you know how it’s going to be, all Tigers know it’s going to be wild,” said Pittman.

The game kicks off Saturday, Dec. 7 at 3 p.m. on WAFB Channel 9. Of course, after the game, we’ll have post game reaction from fans, coaches, and players, and hopefully a happy Tiger football team going back to Baton Rouge with an SEC Championship.

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