The Extra Point Week 14: Proceed with caution

Published: Dec. 7, 2019 at 9:53 PM CST
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(WVUE) -

If you made the fantasy football playoffs, congrats, and if not, there’s always next year. But either way, there are lessons to be learned at this point of the season. And now, more than ever, it’s crucial that you make the right decisions, like, not benching Kenny Golladay, ever.

After week 13's results, there might have been some performances that cause you to worry, but, I'm here to tell you which ones should concern you, which ones should not, and which players to hit the panic button on and drop if you need to.

Let's start with the guys I'm not worried about.

Seattle running back Chris Carson. If you watched Monday night’s game against Minnesota, it definitely felt like Rashaad Penny was cutting into Carson’s upside. What hurt most was the goal line snaps that Carson wasn’t on the field for after he scored the game’s first touchdown. However, he and his role are just fine. Carson still carried the ball 23 times to Penny’s 15, and averaged nearly four and a half yards per run. Have no fear going forward. Even if Penny does get 10 or so carries, Carson is still the top dog, especially to close games.

At tight end, I’ve also seen slight concern for guys like Zach Ertz and Hunter Henry who had low outputs last week. But at tight end, the most scarce position in fantasy football, you don’t get much better than those two. So don’t overthink it. Start them wherever you can.

The next group is one that I am a little worried about. Three running backs come to mind.

First, Green Bay’s Aaron Jones. At one point this season, it was clear that he was the first option. Last week, he had just *one* more touch than Jamaal Williams, and Williams was far more productive. It’s made the position for both of them very unpredictable and unreliable. So start them at your own risk.

James Conner is another concern, especially health-wise. We’ve seen him exit several games early, and even though if he plays, ideally he’s good to go, you just never know. But that said, against Arizona’s defense, he’s a must-start if he’s active. Conner remains the offense’s best weapon, which says more about the team than it does him.

Then there’s Sony Michel of the Patriots. New England was already unpredictable enough with guys like Rex Burkhead in the mix getting carries. But last week against the Texans, James White was more than just a pass-catching back and took 14 carries to Michel’s 10, which isn’t a good sign for Michel, who was already extremely touchdown dependent. You can justify starting Michel this week against the Chiefs, but I don’t advise it if you have better options.

Finally, I’d hit the panic button on 49ers running back Tevin Coleman. He was severely behind Raheem Mostert in snaps against the Ravens and hasn’t been an effective offensive weapon in weeks. And that was without Matt Breida playing. The 49ers backfield has been crowded all year, but now that Coleman seems to be a third option, I’d move him to the bench.

I’d do the same for Rams receiver Brandin Cooks, and drop him if need be. Even around his injuries, he hasn’t been productive. Last week it was the Robert Woods show, and every other week it’s the Cooper Kupp show. Even Josh Reynolds has twice as many targets and catches as Cooks a week ago. There’s nothing wrong with moving on if it makes your fantasy team better during the most important part of the season.

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