Young porch pirates try to hide crime with promotional flyer

JP Young Porch Pirates investigation

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - “I’m in front of the camera, grab it!"

Jim Moses played the video from his new doorbell camera.

"The younger kid went out and gave it to two other people out in the street and they went on their business and continued handing out flyers. It didn't phase them a bit, they just committed, to me, a crime," Moses said.

Metairie resident Jim Moses was out watching the game, Sunday when he received a notification from an early Christmas gift.

"In case we got things stolen from our porch," Moses said.

He opened his video doorbell app to find this feed. We blurred their faces because deputies say they're juveniles.

“Immediately, I came home and called police, Jefferson Parish responded immediately. They said it’s been a problem. They gave me an incident number,” said Moses.

"He said he had the cops coming over. I guess because he didn't want me to be like, 'what are cops doing here?' And he said somebody stole some stuff from his porch and it was two children, two kids that were delivering flyers," recalled Moses' neighbor Maria D'Anna.

D'Anna didn't see the kids but she did receive a flyer. D'Anna isn't surprised to hear these two seized on a crime of opportunity.

"It's the Christmas season and people are desperate. They do desperate things. It doesn't mean it's right," D'Anna said.

Yet, she and Moses are concerned by how young these children appear.

"It surprised me, first of all, that someone was using them to hand out flyers for a business," said Moses.

It went straight to voicemail when FOX 8 called the contact at the bottom of the flyer.

Moses gave a copy to deputies in addition to his doorbell video.

"They stole from me then they left a flyer like a calling card," Moses said.

Deputies with Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office say they’re investigating. They say they are not aware of any other reported thefts with perpetrators matching the pair’s description.

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