Despite soggy Saturday, shoppers head out for last minute gift shopping

Lakeside Mall shoppers

METAIRIE, La. (WVUE) - With a dreary Saturday on deck for most of the area, many families decided to get out anyway and get their last-minute shopping done.

On a rainy Saturday on the last weekend before Christmas, shoppers sought shelter at Lakeside Mall to check off the few remaining names off their list.

“We are buying a present for daddy today. He was last on the list,” says one shopper.

“We have a couple of nieces that we need to shop for and the only store they like is at Lakeside so we decided to head over across the Causeway.”

Some say last minute shopping can be looked at like a bad habit or a Christmas tradition and often revolves around that relative that can be difficult to shop for.

“My mother just turned 90 right. And she likes to dress fancy and she loves jewelry. So we’re looking for the right pair of earrings that are not too heavy. But she likes them big even through she’s 90. She’s sassy.”

And others are getting in on the fun for the first time.

“Baby is getting her ears pierced and pictures with Santa.”

And whether you’re out with a group of friends, siblings or spending time with mom, there’s something about that quality time that online shopping just can’t match.

“Everybody is in a hurry. Everybody is texting. People are not talking to each other. We’re losing what is so precious. Quality time. Relationships. Everything else is just stuff.”

“Especially since she’s only in town for a couple of weeks. We make a morning of it. We go have coffee at Café Du Monde. There’s something special about actually seeing an item in your own hands and picking it out for somebody that you care about.”

“Our kids are all grown and doing their own thing but to see and kind of bring back those old memories. Remember the train. It’s really nice.”

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