Lakeview residents frustrated after waking up to more vehicle break-ins

Lakeview residents frustrated after waking up to more vehicle break-ins

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Another string of vehicle break-ins in the Lakeview area continues to frustrate residents.

“Somebody rang the doorbell and so I looked outside and I’m like, ‘there’s my neighborhood and there’s a police officer and they’re both looking at my car’ and I’m just like, ‘Ok. I have a feeling of what happened,” says resident Scarlett Zelaya.

On separate streets in Lakeview, residents woke up Saturday morning to a similar site.

“At three o’clock I got a knock on our door and they said there were five cars burglarized. As I walked out we found out there were 11 cars starting from back there to over here,” says Spencer Burke.

Over a dozen driver side door windows were smashed while others were cracked where it appears the suspect or suspects tried and failed to break them.

“I’m feeling obviously upset, disturbed. So I’m looking on apps and they hit Argonne. It’s the same car,” says Burke.

Residents on the Lakeview neighborhood Facebook page say the suspects also hit the 7000 block of Orleans Avenue where one resident claimed police recovered a brown Prada bag two blocks away on Argonne. A victim says she lost a brown Prada bag and is now hoping to retrieve it.

“There were about four or five police officers that came through here at one time. They were dusting the cars, taking finger prints, asking questions,” says Burke.

Well the piles of glass along the roadway here really paint a picture and many of the victims I spoke to say the criminals didn’t really make off with anything and all they really did was give them a headache.

“It’s just annoying.”

“You know, it happens. That’s why you get in the habit of locking your car and not leaving anything in your car.”

“A headache. They took nothing,” says Burke.

“I had a visa gift card that looked like a credit card but it had nothing on it,” says Zelaya.

An while they certainly hope the culprits are caught, these Lakeview residents say the odds of waking up to broken glass have become way too high.

“A family that has three weeks left here like we just knew this was about to come because they’ve just been hitting all these areas. So it’s just frustration,” says Burke.

“I also have tinted windows so now I have to deal with that if I get new windows. So it’s just a pain in the butt, especially if it rains,” says Zelaya.

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