LSU fans look ahead to National Championship game

LSU fans look ahead to National Championship game

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - After last night’s historic win for the LSU Tigers, all eyes now focus on New Orleans which will be the home of the National Title game.

Local fans reflected on what they’ve witnesses during this year’s magical season.

“I think we got this. We don’t normally like jinxing it, but I think this is probably our year.”

After a night of celebrating their first playoff victory both at the game and watching at home, some Tiger fans woke up this morning to enjoy a breakfast of almost champions.

“Well I think it’s amazing. Whenever that happens, it’s exciting. And besides just the details and finesse of the game, I tend to look at the players and their stories.”

The Tigers now have a date with destiny right here I New Orleans on January 13 and LSU fans Laurie and Ben Abadie are taking the time in between to reflect on an incredible season, which includes Joe Burrow’s jaw-dropping 500 yard, eight touchdown performance Saturday night.

“I mean, you never know something like that’s gonna happen but it didn’t surprise, no,” says Ben Abadie.

Abadie is a former college basketball coach and says he knows good and well that last night’s beatdown of Oklahoma doesn’t guarantee them a national title.

“It’s going to be a lot tougher because Clemson is a lot better team than Oklahoma. But driving here this morning we were discussing this, I think that Alabama, Auburn, Florida and Georgia could all beat Oklahoma.”

But staying level-headed is exactly why LSU is headed to the big game and even though Joe Burrow is the name on everyone’s mind, Abadie believes Coach Orgeron, a man many critics once wrote off, who deserves the most credit.

“He’ll never take any of the credit, but he was relentless in his search for finding what her wanted,” says Abadie. “Never underestimate the ingenuity and the tenacity of a Cajun man hell-bent on making something happen.”

An while the National Championship in New Orleans will feel almost like a home game for Tiger fans, this is no time to get comfortable.

“I don’t think that’s a factor. I think it’s going to be two teams very honed in on the big prize and they’re going to go after each other and it’s going to be a dog fight.”

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