Locals react to Trump’s plan to pull flavored vaping products from the market

Strategy expected to be released this week

Locals react to Trump’s plan to pull flavored vaping products from the market

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - With children in mind, President Donald Trump is ready to pull some vaping or e-cigarette products from the market and some locals weighed in on the idea.

E-cigarettes, also known as vaping, are touted as a way to help adults quit smoking traditional cigarettes and vaping products come in different forms and flavors.

Eddie Ziniti said he vapes, but not every day.

"I had one this morning, a disposable one, some mango flavor. It was pretty good,” Ziniti said.

But there have been vaping-related deaths in Louisiana and across the country and the Trump administration is expected to announce a strategy later this week which aims to make vaping products less appealing to juveniles.

"We have to protect our families, at the same time it’s a big industry, we want to protect the industry and as you know we’ll be taking it off, the flavors, for a period of time, certain flavors,” said Trump on New Year’s Eve.

Ziniti reacted to the idea of removing flavored vaping products from the market.

"I do think they should remain widely available, but I think it's proper for them to look into what is going into certain flavors,” he said.

Troy Stone works at a local business that sells vaping products.

"At our business, we don’t sell flavored things to people that are not of age and I understand that it’s a concern,” said Stone.

Still, he said alcohol can be harmful too, but it remains accessible.

"Are we going to outlaw daiquiris tomorrow and flavored things? I mean, kids do use them and then drive and kill themselves all the time, so I think it's sort of a knee-jerk reaction,” said Stone.

The Louisiana Department of Health is so concerned about vaping that its asked healthcare providers to report to the state when they see patients suspected of having vaping-related illnesses.

LDH says symptoms of vaping-related illnesses include shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea and weight loss.

The president says action must be taken to protect the public.

“So, the flavors will come off, they’re going to be checked, people have died from this, they’ve died from vaping,” said Trump. “We think we understand why, but we’re doing a very exhaustive examination.”

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