Thieves strike again in frustrating Lakeview car burglaries

Thieves strike again in frustrating Lakeview car burglaries

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Some neighbors are starting the New Year off frustrated after theives strike again in Lakeview. They hit car after car overnight, smashing windows.

“It’s horrible. I’m so sad about it. I woke up, came out to my car and noticed my window was broken,” said victim, Ellen Bourdier.

The thieves got away with her wallet. So, now she has the headache of having to cancel credit cards and get a new license. The act on Vicksburg was caught on surveillance video. It shows what appears to be two cars working together. You’ll see someone gets out and gets into to one of the victim’s cars.

“They just stop at each car and take their time and get what they want,” said Bourdier.

It happened to her neighbor too.

“Happy New Year right? Nobody is open, window repair places, So, now I got to go secure my window because it looks it might rain today and I don’t want the truck to get all wet. So, it’s more of a headache than anything else,” said victim Neil Ponstein.

And, around the block on Louisville, the same story.

“They got one bag out of my vehicle that it had a lot of stuff in it. It had all of my tools for work. I cut hair so I had probably 7-8-thousand dollars in sheers and clippers,” said victim Cory Sanchez.

Fed up neighbors say something has got to be done about the problem.

“It happens way too often and nothing ever gets done, ever, my neighbor just got it two weeks ago, nothing happened,” said Bourdier.

The Lakeview Crime Prevention District says it is planning a town hall meeting later this month to address the recent car burglaries and thefts. We reached out to the NOPD about the overnight car break-ins. But, they have not yet gotten back to us.

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