Saints fans react to Wild Card playoff loss against Vikings

Saints fans react to loss to Vikings in Wild Card playoff game

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - For Who Dats, there was shock, disappointment and a little dread facing the rest of the post-season without the black and gold.

But, there’s also the hope of next year.

For some fans, the loss was too much to handle.

“It’s taking years off my life. You got to keep the faith. Keep the faith. Well, no. I can’t do it anymore,” says Leroy Richardson. “Drew Brees is a legend. No. no. I put all my faith in him. I don’t care. He’s getting paid. I’m spending my hard-earned, retirement money to come here and we lose like this.”

Other fans says the abrupt season-ender was reminiscent of past games the team should have won.

“The refs cheated us. They took 10 seconds away from us instead of giving us that second down. They knew we were going all the way.”

And while some fans couldn’t agree on why the Saints lost, the majority of fans are still gearing up for next season.

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