Coco Orgeron ready for LSU to win some trophies in New Orleans

Coco Orgeron ready for LSU to win some trophies in New Orleans
Coco will be in the Dome on Monday night.

LAROSE, La. (WVUE) - Kickoff for Clemson-LSU is right around the corner, and Coco Orgeron is ready for an epic game.

Coco Orgeron is ready for LSU to finish the job in New Orleans

“We’re going to war. We’re going for it. It’s a very well oiled machine going on that field,” said Orgeron.

Coach Ed Orgeron is a master motivator. If you talk to his mother, Coco, you’ll figure out quickly where he got it from.

“Didn’t he say to everyone “we’re coming.” I didn’t believe anybody believed him. Well he’s almost there,” said Coco.

LSU is “almost there,” they just need to finish the job in their own backyard, in front of a fan base loyal to Coach O.

“Right now I think they have adopted my son. They have just as much pride in him, that I have. They come and say ‘you saw what our boy did? Our boy boy did that.’ You see that, we’re so proud of him. I’m so glad they did. We need something like that right now,” said Orgeron.

"His dream came true." Ed's mother, Coco Orgeron, recounts LSU's magical run in 2019

Coco missed out on attending the SEC Championship Game, and the the Tigers matchup with Oklahoma due to a bad back. But, she’ll be in that number when LSU takes on Clemson, and she’ll know right away if O’s boys are ready for battle.

“I wanna see how enthusiastic they’re going to be. If they have that energy and they’re bouncing, you know moving. Not standing like a frog on the log I guess. I know they’re going to win.”

Coco Orgeron’s house has become Tiger Stadium South. After the Texas A&M game a fan painted the “eye of the tiger” on the front lawn, and she even brought out her Christmas wish list. Yes, it has a ton of check marks, but one of these boxes is still left empty.

“I love it. I hope somebody would put a crystal ball, and put it on a stand outside Monday night. I’m sure it’s going to be checked by the time I get back home,” said Coco.

A check mark for Coco, and a trophy for O, what more could you ask for.

I would love to see that trophy in his hands right now. I hope it’s a beautiful one. What do they call it a “Natty?” Natty? Don’t drop the glass ball. Give it to mama.

Coco and Coach O

And possibly a national championship ring

Maybe, size 8.

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