LSU fans cheer on the team as they arrive in New Orleans

LSU fans cheer on the team as they arrive in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Both the LSU and Clemson tigers arrived in town ahead of Monday’s championship game, and their fans are here to offer all the support they can.

It was only purple and gold inside the Canal Street Marriot lobby as the Baton Rouge Tigers pulled up. Even outside, fans waited for hours to stand along these sidelines to be the first ones to cheer on the team and welcome the LSU tigers to New Orleans.

“We’re here to see Clyde and Joe and Ja’Marr and all them guys and just tell them good luck on Monday get pumped up for a weekend in New Orleans,” said Erik Mollerberg

“Geaux Tigers the real tigers the ones from Louisiana not those fake ones,” said Paige Mock.

LSU fans from across the country and the state knew that this was the place to be for this game, not only for lifelong LSU fans, but also for the littlest ones too.

“I got my little future LSU player right there ready to see the players and coach,” said Blake Foreman.

“I drove in this morning, I did. I worked hard all year to save my money so I can live this moment… I get goosebumps talking about my tigers, I’m a lifelong tiger fan and wasn't going to miss this for the world,” said Will Montgomery.

Fans have watched as the LSU Tigers notched an undefeated season so far, and believe this is the final hurdle for this historic team.

“They’re amazing, unstoppable, it’s like a freak accident, we love it, we’re here to cheer them on,” said Mollerberg.

But if there’s one thing both LSU and Clemson Tigers can agree on besides sharing a drink, it’s that both teams will put up a great fight inside the dome.

There is the threat of some severe weather this weekend, but at least the fans we spoke to say the rain and wind is the least of their concerns.

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