Nicondra: Cloudy and wet through Game Day

Low clouds and rain into the evening

Nicondra: Cloudy and wet through Game Day
Warm moist air sticking around through the evening.

Dense fog and low clouds hang across the region. The light winds and moisture will hold on through the day with periodic showers hanging around through the day.

Keep the rain gear if you are heading out through the day. A warm front will stall and linger through most of the week keeping us in and out of showers. Expect very mild temperatures with the high today around 70 with the moisture in the air it will feel more like 60s through most of the day so you will likely still want a jacket. The showers stick around at least into Tuesday as the warm front will linger.

Temperatures stay mild and rain moves in and out of the forecast through the week until the next cold front that doesn’t look to move in until next weekend.