Local bars see record numbers, LSU win big boost for tourism

LSU Game Success for NOLA

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -LSU fans continued to recover from the team's late-night historic victory, but the city's also celebrating after cashing in on another lucrative event.

While most LSU fans have already hit the road back home, lingering fans are still celebrating the big win. The championship game between LSU and the Clemson tigers drew visitors from across the state and the country, and they brought their wallets with them.

“There are estimations that this is $300 million plus in economic impact as you talk about spending all around the region,” said Mark Romig with New Orleans and Company.

Romig says hotel rooms stayed open throughout the weekend but says that was almost to be expected with a local team playing in their home state. Despite that, he says the weekend was still a great success for tourism.

“You cannot put a value on the national and international exposure that comes from something like the college national playoff championship… this continually pumps energy and economic impact into our community which we need,” said Romig.

According to local business managers, the proof of profit was in the aftermath.

“It looked like a Mardi Gras out there by the end of it… that was by far the craziest night I’ve seen since I’ve been here; it was Bourbon street on Tchoupitoulas,” said Barcadia general manager, Shawn Allen.

Allen says they were expecting a crowd, but the size of the crowd surprised them. He said they made adjustments throughout the night as thousands crowded inside and outside to watch the game, even forcing police to block off the street as fans spilled onto the street.

“We had to go to out to get liquor several times in the night to accommodate the crowd, I don’t want to say under prepared, but they came at us great and we want to thank the fans and the whole town for coming out,” said Allen.

Coming off the win, the celebration stretched into the early hours of the night, but LSU fans would have it no other way.

“I don’t know what was better the pre-game, the game, or the post-game but it’s a good day to be an LSU fan for sure,” said fan, Ronny Geraci.

Bar managers told us they were also pleased with how seemingly few incidents they had to tend to.

And for Barcadia, they said they saw record numbers from last night

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