Fans react to LSU football team welcomed into White House

Fans react to LSU football team welcomed into White House

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - LSU fans were excited to see their Tigers honored at the White House Friday morning.

"It's really my great priviledge to welcome to the White House the College National Football Champions, the Louisiana State University Tigers," President Donald Trump said.

"It was a great honor for them to be recognized by the president. Of course, as fan for over 50 years, you know, we've seen national championships before, but I think this was by far the best football game I've ever seen," John Abadie said.

Current and former LSU students said they're proud to see their school honored on a national platform.

"It's like a big boost to the whole nation. Everybody's looking at LSU like the number one school for football. Just like getting more attention to LSU as a whole and the student body can boost morale for real," Kingtrent Mitchell-Estrada said.

“I remember back to 1957 when we won the previous National Champion, one of our previous ones and that was unbelievable. I was just eight years old. So that was a great memory and brought back all those memories, but this team is very special,” Abadie said.

President Trump also acknowledged the pain the team pushed through to get to this victory.

"In the face of a heartbreaking tragedy, you also rallied together behind Offensive Coordinator Steve Ensminger," Trump said.

“He was at the game Monday night, and everybody was chanting USA and I was very proud of the fans and I think it’s great,” Cindy Schoffstall said.

President Trump also called LSU the greatest team in the history of college football.

"Oh yea. yea. They proved it Monday night. Undefeated," Schoffstall said.

“The president, to take his time to do that for an athletic type sport. He doesn’t go everywhere and do that, and people don’t go everywhere and come to the White House and get honored by him. So that was just way up there, way up there. it was great,” Bena Abadie said.

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