Local Tiger parents beam after White House ceremony

Local Tiger parents beam after White House ceremony

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A pair of west bank parents watched Friday’s White House-Tiger ceremony a little more closely than the rest of us. Their sons are members of a close knit Tiger team...who also share a common high school bond.

It was a day the Chase family will never forget.

“Where the hell is Chase? He was catching balls all over the place...you guys are are gonna make so much money,” said President Donald Trump.

They always loved their son Ja'marr, a sophomore wide receiver for the LSU Tigers, but now Jimmy Chase is the proud father of a national champion, who got a special call out at the White House.

"How yall doing...I'm just happy to be here in the White House to be honest," said Ja'marr.

"Yeah, I seen that...what you think? It was awesome...wow...out of everyone they called him," said his father, Jimmy Chase.

Chase, and defensive back Kristian Fulton, are athletes from the New Orleans area, who are now soaking everything in, and their parents are ecstatic.

"Everything fell into place, I kept telling him god has a plan," said Kristian's mom, Michelle.

Keith Fulton was a playground coach who helped guide his son Kristian, his whole career. Now, sports agents have his phone ringing off the hook.

“Hahah...whooo too many,” said Keith Fulton.

Kristian Fulton has also earned a degree in sports management.

"He's got his degree. Mama is good with that...if he wants to give the NFL a shot, give it a shot," said Michelle Fulton.

"My son it's been a blessing for him, like winning the lottery," said Keith Fulton.

But the Chase and the Fulton families have more than LSU in common. They have a bond that was forged right here on this Metairie football field.

"They turned my son into a man. They instilled values in him, and he carries that today," said Jimmy Chase.

Four LSU athletes came from Archbishop Rummel.

Coach, turned Athletic Director Jay Roth says, while he never tells his players where to go to college, he does offer this advice.

"The only thing it tell them this is your home state...you can make a name for yourself it's gonna open doors for you," said Roth.

On this day, for Ja'Marr Chase, the doors of the white house opened wide, complete with a presidential challenge.

"Coach can I beat him in a race," asked Trump.

"Maybe with a head start," said LSU head coach Ed Orgeron.

And that will likely be a race we will never see.

Kristian Fulton is now preparing for the NFL combine, and the draft. Ja’marr Chase is a sophomore with two more years of eligibility. His father says he would like him to stay the course at LSU and get his degree.

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