Victim: “I absolutely expected it to happen to me at some point,” at vehicle broken into

CRIMETRACKER: Pan Am Stadium Car Burglaries

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Cleaning up glass, is not the way Lorraine Hicks thought she’d spend her Friday.

"Here's some of the broken glass here from one of the windows,” Hicks said. “Both front windows were broken."

Both windows were smashed near the Pan-American Stadium in City Park just yards from where Hicks was watching her grandson play soccer.

She wasn’t alone. “Apparently, about 13 cars were hit," Hicks said.

Several people walked out Thursday after watching the Jesuit and De La Salle game to find their windows smashed.

"It was distressing but of course no one was hurt but still it is distressing for all of the violence and trouble you have to go through for repair," Hicks said.

City Park officials say, “From what we understand, from the 3rd District [NOPD] they were ‘smash and grab’ type robberies similar to those in adjacent neighborhoods.’”

A few blocks away in Lake Vista, on the same night, Michael Harrington’s car along with a neighbor’s were hit.

"I absolutely expected it to happen to me at some point,” Harrington said. “I don't keep anything of value in my vehicle. They got nothing."

Harrington says now he’s having to foot the bill.

"You can do everything right as a citizen,” Harrington said. “You can have the area lit, you can have under a video surveillance, you can have it locked have nothing in it. Nothing or value. It's changed. Something has changed to where they are willing to break into your vehicle just to find out what you have."

Hicks didn’t have any valuables in her car either.

"We surmise they might be looking for weapons but of course we don't know," said Hicks.

Hicks now questions if and when she’ll return to the stadium.

“I probably won’t go to an evening game out there anymore,” Hicks said. “I may not that was kind of scary.”

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