Residents voice concerns and relief over city’s plan to implode Hard Rock

Residents voice concerns and relief over city’s plan to implode Hard Rock

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The city of New Orleans announced Friday it would move forward with a planned demolition of the Hard Rock site sometime in mid-March. The same company who stabilized the two cranes after the collapse will also handle the implosion.

Civil engineer H.J. Bosworth says that means getting it done safely and without damaging nearby buildings.

“That is what’s most important. They have to examine the structure. They have to remove anything in the structure or on the structure that can blow out and mess up something that they don’t want to mess up," said Bosworth.

And in a space as compact and as historic as the French Quarter, Bosworth worries about the implosion shock-wave’s potential impact to the buildings and their foundation.

“In Las Vegas, you level a building and all the ones nearby shake, and if you lose a pane of glass, oh well. The French Quarter of New Orleans is a lot more fragile.”

But whether concerned or not, those who live and work in the French Quarter agree something needs to be done and fast.

“First of all, it has to come down immediately. Just because the traffic on Rampart Street has just been drastically curtailed and it hurts all the residents and all the businesses," said Tom Bissell who lives near Rampart Street.

Tim Rider works at the Rouses Market in the French Quarter.

“I mean we just had, what less than two weeks ago, some bricks just fall right here maybe just from trucks passing. I mean no one even knows why that fell," said Rider.

“You know the Rouses used to be the old 1830′s bakery, and even as far away as we are, nobody knows the long term effect.”

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