Martin Luther King Day reminds people in New Orleans to dream

Monday Noon Headlines

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - People in New Orleans honored civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday’s holiday.

King was honored with a parade that rolled through parts of the city.

“It was very important. I’ve been here since 1968,” Robert Dawson of the Franklin Ave. Baptist Church said. “I have a grandson who is going to be 2 years old. He must realize that his destiny fulfill for what God has for him. As long as our kids see dope as hope as long as America is in midnight as regards to the opioid epidemic.”

Dawson stressed that King envisioned a community between many faiths and tried to bring people together, despite different backgrounds.

“To fulfill the dreams that we have, not just for myself as I’ve come to realize, but for the young people especially,” Dawson said.

Political leaders talked about their actions and their call to action, but Monday they are also celebrating the life of Coretta Scott King who was a driving force to making Martin Luther King Day a federal holiday.

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