Reasonable crawfish prices to start off this year’s season

Start of Crawfish Season

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - After higher crawfish prices last year, some business owners say they’re off to a better start.

“Last year, we were right about a $1 to $1.25 higher in price last year than this year," Today’s Ketch employee Jeffrey Pohlmann said.

It’s a sight many wait months to see — boiled mudbugs on display.

“My wife loves crawfish. She’d definitely buy them around Mardi Gras when she comes back from her cruise," customer Johnny Melancon said.

“There’s people coming in now, you know," customer Tony Luparello said. “They’ll pay whatever price it is."

“It is a little high right now, and they’re a little small for the time of the year, but like he was saying when they start to get a lot warmer and things, crawfish gets bigger," Melancon said.

Pohlmann says a lot depends on the weather and they struggled last week from the dense fog.

“There’s an old saying with fog is that fog is like poison for crawfish. We’re not sure what the actual logic is, but when you have fog, you usually have a lot of dead crawfish," Pohlmann said.

Pohlmann says prices dropped today by 75 cents because the supply is higher than demand, and says the crawfish they’re boiling are getting bigger as we get further into the season.

While they aren’t selling live crawfish just yet, some people stopping by Today’s Ketch bought several pounds boiled for lunch.

“The demand right now is not as much to be giving out to the public to cook theirs, so they boil them for you," Melancon said.

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