St. George’s Episcopal School stresses social and emotional learning

Updated: Jan. 21, 2020 at 9:39 AM CST
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Social and emotional learning and wellness are an integral part of life at St. George’s Episcopal School in New Orleans.

They are either being taught explicitly through a kindness program and life skills classes, or it’s just in the daily interaction with students.

“It’s in everything we do. It’s important to teach the whole child so they can go out into the community and world prepared for everything,” Kindergarten teacher Mary Broussard explained.

The kindness curriculum was prepared at the Center for Healthy Minds. It helps educators explicitly teach the benefits of helping and compassion.

Counselors at the school focus on a wellness approach for the whole child and the whole school community. The goal is to help develop healthy individuals and build the skills while they are at St. George’s and in life beyond.

"It’s important to be kind because it makes people feel good,” student Eleanor Albrecht said.

Kindness at St. George’s is really about empathy. Students can help others celebrate their successes and helping others. The program is also about being kind to yourself.

“Kindness is also being kind to yourself, practicing mindfulness and remembering that you are special,” Molly Sanders, an early childhood counselor, added.

What sets St. George’s social and emotional learning apart is that it is not taught in isolation. All teaches and educators appreciate the importance of emotional learning and infuse it in all they do throughout the day.

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