Zack: Rain moving out this afternoon

It has been a wet Thursday but the weather will improve through the afternoon as rain slackens.

Zack: Thursday afternoon weather forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - What an ugly day of weather it has been on this Thursday but don’t worry, the sunny skies going into the weekend will certainly make up for it.

Expect rain showers to continue into the early afternoon hours today before we begin to see a drying trend take hold. Temperatures will remain stuck in the 50s making it a chilly rain out there but as conditions dry up this afternoon, we could eventually touch a high near 60.

This ugly Thursday will be worth it in the end as Friday and Saturday look absolutely gorgeous. Sunny skies will return and pleasantly, cool conditions are expected behind this front. Highs for Friday into the weekend will be in the low 60s.

Now I wish the nice weather would last all weekend long but that will not be the case as rain will return to the forecast on Sunday. It will be a cold rain at that as a Gulf low passes along the coast leading to some chilly showers. After we dry out from that system early next week, another system will be on its heels for the middle of next week.

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