’I’ve already gotten my car stolen here, so it’s not very shocking to me:’ Students at two campuses find cars broken into

UNO and Brother Martin hit in latest vehicle break-ins

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Some students walked out of class to find their vehicle windows shattered Wednesday.

Both Brother Martin and University of New Orleans parking lots were targeted within hours of each other.

Around 11 a.m., police say someone broke into four cars at UNO’s campus.

An email alert from the university stated the burglaries happened in the engineering parking lot.

“It’s just terrifying, since I always park in this parking lot. It’s easier to get to class, and sometimes I’ll go to sleep in between classes and it’s scary thinking somebody could just come in. If you’re in there, you could be assaulted, or anything, you know,” Keydi Urbina said.

A university spokesperson confirmed this is the third report of vehicle burglaries in the past semester.

Some students said they're not surprised.

"I'd already been hearing about the break-ins because I personally experienced it. So, it wasn't very much a surprising thing," Andrea Nava said.

Nava said her SUV was stolen on campus last month.

"I parked it on Wednesday, and then it was Saturday morning, I was like alright, I gotta go do stuff for my class, I gotta go. I walk out and I'm like wait, where's my big SUV at? Where's it at? You can't really miss it, and it was just gone," Nava said.

Students who drive to class said they're going to be more vigilant.

"I'm scared, you know? Something could happen to me. What if I see someone breaking into my car? I don't know what to do," Loandi Cruz said.

About four hours later, police said nine vehicles were broken into in Brother Martin's parking lot, as students were getting out of school.

“That’s awful, because in addition to the high cost of education, they have the high cost now of repairing a car because the deductible doesn’t cover a window. That’s coming out of their pocket,” Tekakwitha Wilson said.

Wilson lives behind Brother Martin, and said her family's vehicles have been broken into multiple times in recent months.

"It's definitely the reason we got cameras. My daughter and my son in law's car was broken into several times," Wilson said.

Police said they can’t say whether the incidents at both campuses are related.

“I’m just never leaving anything valuable in my car, and just making sure I don’t go to sleep in my car anymore,” Urbina said.

A UNO spokesperson said there's 24/7 police patrols on campus, and that their officers are always vigilant.

The NOPD said Chief Shaun Ferguson will address the string of vehicle burglaries throughout the city Friday.

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