Surveillance video shows what appears to be a child assist in vehicle burglaries

Gentilly Car Break-ins

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Burglars targeted dozens of vehicles throughout the city between Monday and Tuesday. Police said they received 21 reports just in the Uptown area.

In Gentilly, surveillance video shows what looks like a young child running through a yard, then hanging out of one of the vehicle windows, as burglars hit several vehicles at one house.

Home surveillance video from the 5000 block of Dreaux Avenue shows a man hit the passenger's side window of a truck, then push it in, just after 4:30 Monday morning.

"And then he went in there and just rummaged through the car," Brandon Molden described.

As he walks off, what appears to be a child is seen running up to the Jeep parked in front of the truck.

"There was a little kid, they broke this passenger side window and he just jumped in the car and rummaged through the car," Molden said.

His legs are seen flailing outside the window as he shuffles through the car before he climbs back down.

“We had two other cars parked here. You can still see the glass in the street where they went through the passenger’s sides of everybody’s car, went through the neighbor’s car. I mean, it’s just ridiculous you know?” Molden said.

They move on to vehicles across the street, and the same thing happens. The video shows the man go towards the passenger's side of a white SUV, while the child jumps through the window of a truck and rummages through.

After watching their surveillance video, mother of two, Tiffany Molden said she's shocked at the young age of one of the suspects.

"I can't stop thinking about that child, because the child was woken up in the middle of the night to participate in burglaries. Is this child going to school the next day?" Tiffany Molden asked.

Down the street, auto shop employees were out repairing more broken windows.

"It was just glass everywhere. It looked like someone crawled in because there was mud prints, but again, nothing was taken," Josh Nguyen said.

Other victims FOX 8 spoke with also said nothing was taken from their vehicles.

"It seems crazy. like, why?" Nguyen said.

While some victims said their insurance covers the damage, others are paying hundreds to fix their windows.

"Things can be replaced, and thank God that none of us were going outside at that time. My husband goes to work very early in the morning, and so I was thankful that he was off that day," Molden said.

Police said they received reports of three vehicle burglaries in the Gentilly neighborhood, not including the ones seen in the video.

They ask anyone with information to contact them, or Crimestoppers.

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