Sentencing underway for three teenage carjackers

Teen Carjacking Trial

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Closing argument are done in the sentencing of three teenage girls for a high profile carjacking in Gentilly two months ago.

The victim's mother says her daughter's lucky to be alive, after clinging to the hood of her car for ten blocks.

A dramatic car jacking caught on tape by a neighbor, and still difficult for the victim's mother to watch.

“I feel lucky that she survived, she had to fight for what was right, but I’m happy she’s not physically harmed more than she was,” she said.

Last month an Orleans parish juvenile judge found three girls ages 12, 14 and 16 guilty for the Gentilly carjacking after the victim volunteered to give them a ride home.

During sentencing arguments prosecutor Niki Roberts said it was an orchestrated attack.

But the girls' defense attorneys says given the girls ages, incarceration would not be best.

"Brain development doesn't finish until as late as 25, the part of the brain that controls stops signs, that gives us our sense of impulse control," said defense attorney Greg Thompson.

Originally the judge was going to issue sentence Friday, but in court, he looked at each of the three defendants, saying I owe to each of you, the victims, and the public to do it right, saying I need more time.

“I believe they need services, and things to turn them around, and a structure environment might be the best option,” said the victim’s mom.

But the girls' attorneys argued in favor of so called 'wraparound services', like special counseling, and schooling.

“I don’t believe being incarcerated makes a difference, it’s having access to the services themselves,” said Thompson.

Meantime...the victim's mother says the incident changed her daughter's life.

“In this instance, she was looking to do good for young girls in distress, it’s unfortunate how this turned out, but i’m proud of her,” she said.

She said her daughter has suffered greatly, but she survived, and is expected to be in court next week.

All sides return to court Wednesday for the sentencing of the three teenage girls.

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