“He got some more left in him”: Saints fans react to news of Drew Brees’ return next season

Brees is Back

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Saints fans say they’re excited to hear about Drew Brees’ decision to stay for another season. They were relieved to know what the future for the team holds for the upcoming season.

Earlier today, fans were pleasantly surprised when we told them Drew Brees’ big announcement. Some say they weren’t sure who was going to take his place if he retired, but are glad he’s not.

Some also say the saints got robbed the past two seasons, but believe Brees will take the team to the Super Bowl for the upcoming season.

"He did great last season. He had one of his best physical seasons ever. Tom Brady’s still doing it, so I see no reason why Drew can’t still do it too,” fan Ryan Fisher said.

"He got some more left in him. I think it’s going to be a phenomenal season since he’s coming back. and with the addition of him working with Taysom HIll, we’re gonna have a dynamic duo in the back field,” fan Darrin Gaines said.

We spoke with fans from out of state who say they’re Saints fans because of Brees

"I’ve been a fan of him all my life. We’re from North Carolina, where Panthers is near us, but never really been a Panthers fan. New Orleans or Baltimore, but New Orleans again, Drew Brees is just a top-notch quarterback,” Craig Foster said.

"You could see it in his face. He wasn’t ready to quit. I knew he would not quit,” Coble said.

Fans think Brees will be hungrier than ever this upcoming season for his next Super Bowl ring.

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