Judge sentences 3 girls to “juvenile life” for carjacking

Judge sentences 3 girls to “juvenile life” for carjacking

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - An Orleans Parish Juvenile Court judge sentenced three girls to “juvenile life.”

The girls, ages 12, 14, and 16, were convicted of carjacking in January after a dramatic video was shown of them stealing a car from a woman.

The ruling means the 12-year-old girl will remain in jail until she is 18. The other two girls will remain in jail until they are 21.

“This was a case that truly shocked our community,” District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said. “We are fortunate that this victim was not seriously hurt or killed by the reckless and dangerous actions of these girls.

The woman jumped on the hood of the car to try and stop them.

The victim took the stand and told the court on Dec. 3, the girls approached her in a parking lot and said their grandmother died and they needed a ride home.

The victim agreed and once they arrived at Mandeville and Mirabeau, she says the girls attacked her.

She said they tried to get her out of the driver’s seat, pulling her hair out and beating her in the head with a shoe. After getting her out of the car, the victim says the girls jumped into her vehicle and before they could take off, the victim jumped on the hood.

The victim said she held on for 10 blocks before she was able to get off.

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