Overtime Podcast #136 - Drew Brees Announces His Return

Overtime Podcast #136 - Drew Brees Announces His Return
Brees will be back for season No. 15 with the Saints.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Drew Brees has announced he will return to play for the Saints in 2020. Chris Hagan and Sean Fazende react to the decision and the subsequent moves that will take place in the offseason.

Fazende on Brees taking over a month to announce his decision and what lies ahead beyond 2020:

“I think the odds are, with the way it’s setting up and the time he took, I think 2020 is it. I don’t know if the Saints want to say at the end of the year, knowing that Taysom will be unrestricted - so they won’t have the control that they have now - that they want to let him walk out the door so all storylines as we get into this fun offseason.”

Hagan on the idea of Taysom Hill learning for another year behind Brees in 2020 before taking over as the full-time starter:

“He has been the biggest advocate for learning behind Drew Brees. You ask him and he will say that he’ll follow whatever Drew Brees does to learn behind so if that means he is getting another year under Brees and certainly I do think that there is truth to all the reports that Taysom is the guy of the future. I think Payton believes that. Ithink Taysom believes that under Payton and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting one more year under Drew Brees. Then, the more Taysom learns, the less of a drop-off there may be in 2021 or 2022 when Drew Brees hangs 'em up."

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