Gentilly family returns to find home riddled with bullets

Gentilly family returns to find home riddled with bullets

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A family in Gentilly fears for their safety after they came home to more than a dozen bullet holes in their home. The homeowners says they did nothing to provoke the attack.

Two people in hoodies stood outside of the Gentilly home. In a surveillance video, it appears the two suspects are simply talking and enjoying a Sunday afternoon when they both pull out weapons and unload bullets on the home.

“When you go home, you’re supposed to be safe at home. Clearly, we weren’t.”

Bullet holes now riddle the outside and the inside of the home.

“They emptied their entire clip,” says the homeowner. “Anybody could have been in the house.”

But fortunately, no one was except for the couple’s dogs. Both were unscathed.

The homeowner says he was at Femme Fatale when the shooting happened. He found out about the shooting from a neighbor and, at first, was unmoved.

“I’m kind of desensitized to it. There’s a shooting on the news everyday.”

But when he went back and checked the surveillance video, one word came to mind.


Residents say this sort of thing is uncharacteristic for their normally quiet neighborhood near Elysian Fields and 610.

“We were all surprised because we hadn’t had anything like that happen before.”

Though perplexed at the sudden, seemingly random act of violence, neighbors believe there may be more to the story but refuse to speculate.

“I hope whatever it was about, it’s resolved.”

“There is nothing we did to encourage the behavior or invite the behavior. We are young professionals.”

Insisting he is still miffed as to how he became a target, this resident and his family are turning to their faith for protection.

“There’s nothing we can do except pray, keep it moving. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen again.”

NOPD says their investigation into the criminal damage at the property is ongoing.

One neighbor believes he saw the suspects return Tuesday night. He and other residents says they’re not afraid but plan to stay vigilant.

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